May 2, 2018



Payroll is complicated and takes away your valuable time. Our experts will help you get set up and stay compliant with all the latest remittance calculations and ensures your employees are paid on time.


  • Calculate and process payroll for all employees, using an online payroll software
  • Calculate and track accrued vacation and sick time or other benefits
  • Calculate payroll taxes owing to CRA
  • Preparation and electronic filing of T4 summary and slips
  • Preparation of Records of Employment (ROEs) for departing employees

Up to 5 employees – $120/month

Each additional employee – $15/month

50% off payroll services if you are a bookkeeping client. 


  • Payroll Calculations

Once you send us the employee information and hours, we send the calculations including vacation and holiday pay for each employee.

  • CRA Remittance Calculations

Each remittance period we send you the calculations so you know exactly how much needs to be paid to CRA for the payroll taxes.

  • Record of Employment

Anytime an employee leaves your employment, an ROE must be filed with CRA. We obtain authorization with Service Canada on your behalf and file all the necessary information for you.

  • T4 / T5 Slips

All necessary T-slips are prepared and e-filed for you to ensure the reports and forms are filed before the deadline. We provide you with electronic copies for distribution to your employees.