May 2, 2018



Don’t let your bookkeeping distract you from running the business! Let us take care of it for you.

We prepare proper double-entry accounting records from receipts, or from client’s records. We tailor the system to the needs of our clients, to provide the most efficient system. From these records we prepare interim financial statements upon request, and year-end financial statements and income tax returns, both personal and corporate.

In the case of corporations, we prepare the year-end financial statements, and as part of this process, give consideration to any legitimate transactions that can be arranged for tax reduction.

We are glad to explain the financial statements and tax consideration in simple terms, so that you understand what is happening and why. Where it is required, we can prepare a business plan along with the financial forecasts that go with it.

Here is how it works

At the beginning of each month we will gather the financial documents needed to do your bookkeeping including, bank statements, purchase and sales receipts.

Once we have all the documents we need, we will finalize and complete your books within 15 business days. We take care of the GST and PST filing with the respective government agencies and send you an email summary with the amounts owing.


  • A team of experts

Our team is on hand to remove the burden of bookkeeping from your life. Over time, our team will come to know your bookkeeping needs inside and out, giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on your business.

  • Entirely in-house

We’re based in North America and all bookkeeping is done in-house. We don’t outsource your bookkeeping or share your data with any third party, and we never will.

  • Multiple Software Platforms

If you are already set up with a software you enjoy using, we’ll work with that. We have clients on QuickBooks, Wave, Sage and other software platforms.

  • Responsive support

Got a question? No problem. Send us an email message or give us a call. We respond to inquires within one business day.