May 6, 2019

Corporate Income Tax Returns in Winnipeg

T2 Corporate Tax Returns

All corporations — including non-profit organizations, tax-exempt corporations, and inactive corporations — have to file a T2 Corporate tax return for every tax year, even if there is no tax payable.


T2 Corporate Tax Return (Holding Company)– $685

T2 Corporate Tax Return (Operating Company)– $985

Financial Statement Preparation – $400 – $750

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Common Questions and Answers

Q. If I need a new corporation set up, can you do that for me?

A. Yes, we can register a corporation for you. Click this link for details on setting up a new corporation in Manitoba.

Q. What do you need from me?

A. We need a complete set of financial statements. It should include a balance sheet, income statement, amortization schedule of assets. If you have a copy of your previous year T2, this is also helpful.

Q. What does a Basic Corporate return cover?

A. It covers the filling out and electronic filing of a T2 Corporate Tax form and all the necessary schedules.

Q. How quickly does my return get done?

A. We ask that you allow us 5 business days from the day you upload your documents.

Q. What type of file do I need to upload?

A. You can take a picture or scan the financial statements and attach as a JPEG or PDF. So long as the details can be seen clearly, that’s all that matters.

Q. Can I drop off my papers instead?

A. Certainly! If you prefer dealing in paper, that’s fine with us. Just give us a call at (204) 885-9632 and arrange an appointment.

Q. Can I pay by Cash, Cheque or e-Transfer?

A. Yes, just email your financial statements and information to [email protected] and specify how you will be paying. E-Transfer’s should be sent to [email protected]

Q. When do I have to file my corporate tax return?

A. You need to have your corporate tax return filed within 6 months of your fiscal year end to avoid penalties. However, most corporations must pay the amount of tax owing within 3 months of their fiscal year end.

Q. What happens if I file later than 6 months after my year end?

If you file your return late, a penalty applies. The penalty is 5% of the unpaid tax that is due on the filing deadline, plus 1% of this unpaid tax for each complete month that the return is late.

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